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Default More of this years run.

Not a whole lot else to say about the tactics that I have not said, the rain has been good you can see the ice in some of these pictures. The fish have been holding in the deeper slower runs or actually in the pools, deeper slower.
The fish are evidently pretty thick this year.....numbers and girth! , , ,, . These are some of the better fish, from two trips over for the day. Several of the fish were caught after 5pm, Steelhead are notorious for feeding at sunrise and sunset, even if they haven't fed all day long. Persistence pays.
I am trying to remember the order of posting of pictures. I know the last picture is a chrome hen, absolutely bright silver on the sides with an abrupt line of green for the back. This fish was headed to the lake, I netted downstream in a shallow run. The fish was well into my buddie's backing and evidently intent on going back to the lake! The heavy fish was caught in a very large pool and dogged around, shaking her head. Regrettably that was the first one (winter run fish) I have killed, she took the egg patter deep and bled too much. My buddy Ed took that back to Atlanta. The good thing was that she had finished spawning, she had 7 bb sized eggs left in her. This fish was caught about 10 minutes after Ed broke off the monster, in the same pool. I plan to go this weekend, have a pass from the boss! I may be too cold to fish though.
Tight lines!
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