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I was in deep creek in early november and we stayed for two nights at bryson's place. Now granted it was early november, but the first night we were by ourselves and the second night a couple people on horseback rode in. For this being the most popular campsite on the river, i would have figured to have more company. I think that if you put in the effort to go that far back, more than likely you're not going to run into too many people, let alone fisherman.

As far as noland goes, i've heard that fishing was pretty good starting at about 2 miles from the trailhead. Not many people fish it, though, so i don't know alot of information about it as i've never been there.

I also think that if you choose to go to hazel, you would be perfectly fine if you hiked in to the upper parts towards bone valley and proctor. Most people just fish the lower mile or two and that's it. Even in the warmer months, i don't know that you would run into any other fisherman, most of them can't pass up the lower stretches.

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