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Default Saturday 1-19-08

Hi all,
This is getting awfully predictable and I can't say anything else about it except that the run is good this year. I fished in morning on Saturday and it was slow, as expected. The temp was hovering around 32 all day, water temp was 36f. I caught one small rainbow that morning and was fairly happy about it. I planned on spending the end of the day on a big hole and spent an hour running egg patterns down through it setting the hook occasoinally with nothing there. At 4:45 my indicator went down slowly and I lifted, finally a weight on the line and big head shaking. The fish stayed deep and made several runs, though none were smoking. After 10 mins I slipped the fish in the net barely and took her to the bank for a pic and quick measurements. .
24" and 15" girth then back in the water. Second largest trout I have ever landed. I am sure this fish was 6-7 lb. I was talking to some of the locals about it and they said there have been many large fish this winter. They are hopeful that this is the first solid year of many years effort stocking steelhead first into the lake, which seemed to offer little results, then stocking them into the creeks. They think the fish are finding their way back into the creeks from which they were stocked or spawned. Who knows what next year's run will be like, this year it is on!
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