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I saw the show as well...excellent footage. Can't get out here either, and caught myself false casting with the remote.

A few years ago & unfortunately pre fly-fishing for me, south of Naples FL, I witnessed a guide and angler poling outside a mangrove area drift right on top of a pod of Tarpon. The angler barely had more than the leader out of the rod tip for his cast They caught two out of the same school.
Apparently, Tarpon get so engrossed in what they're after that nothing phases them. just my observation...

I'm interested in hearing other input as well...course it always looks easy on TV ...but if there is hope of catching some of those bad boys with less than a perfect, double-hauled, missle launch of a three pound fly, in a twenty MPH cross wind count me in...even I can use my 8wt like a cane and bobber pole! 9' of rod 6' of leader...get me within 15' and we're on it
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