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I love trout fishing, but there is hardly anything more exciting than seeing a tarpon take your fly!

I hooked one on the second trip I ever took for tarpon, but it was on our third trip that I landed one.

Truth told, I was "hooked" on that first trip! When I saw those beasts coming for my fly... I was so unprepared for it, I became determined to conquer tarpon. I came home and I watched Billy Pate's tarpon videos and memorized them...I quote them to this day.

He says something like this:

"In the quest for giant tarpon, you need physical strength, but you must be mentally tough as well...your WILL TO WIN must be greater than the TARPON! And the TARPON....THINKS ...HE'S... GONNA ...DIE!"

Oh man...can't wait for tarpon season!

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