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That looks like a pretty good list. We all have our own things that we like to bring but you covered the essentials. One thing that i would recommend to anyone that is serious about doing any backpacking frequently is a personal locator beacon. I got one for christmas and i'm going to put it to good use. I believe the name brand is SPOT and it was about $140 i think. You also have to pay a subscription fee every year to keep it activated, which is pricey, but it's cheap if you ever need it! With this particular plb, you have three functions: you can hit a button for 911, hit another button that will send a message, text to phone and email to whoever you choose that you need help (along with a link of your exact location using google earth), or hit a button to send a message to let others know that you are ok (also includes a link for your location).

It's a pretty neat gadget. I know it is kinda pricey, but other plb's out there are $500 or more. It is definitely a good thing to have, for nothing else to give yourself and your loved ones a little more peace of mind.

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