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I do breakfast the exact same way as you vern, just put oatmeal in a ziploc bag and use the bag for trash. I usually don't pack anything for lunch other than some protein bars or maybe some trail mix for a snack. For supper, that really just depends. Sometimes i'll do the easy route and just pack in a thing of staggs chili, only thing you have to do is heat it up (it is heavy, however). The other thing that i like to do is my famous chocolate pecan pancakes for supper. They don't look real pretty, but they sure do taste good. I know it's a breakfast food but i don't like cooking real big in the mornings, i'm itching to get out on the stream. I usually mix some protein powder in with the pancake mix, that way you'll get good amounts of protein and carbohydrates to help keep you going the next day.

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