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$50 a head is what I hear the going rate was last season. It might be more now. I understand one of the sons of the founders of Phillips and Jordan Construction Co. in Robbinsville bought the Fontana Resort, including the marina. They've done a lot of upgrades, so I guess they are trying to make it pay off. I thought the old rate structure was fair... $45 for the first person in the party and $5 for each additional person. It takes no more manpower and gas to take 4 people over than it takes to ferry 1. Sounds like this is really not something they want to do, but if someone is willing to pay the price, they'll do it.


84 (Sugar Fork) is nicely placed off the trail. Very shaded with 4 or 5 different tent sites, none too close to the others, all flat and a nice cooking area in the middle. Sugar Fork Creek runs into Hazel on one side of the site. If you stay here, Sugar Fork provides a nice small stream fishing opportunity after dinner. The water source is right on the trail, about 100 yds or so before you get to the campsite. A spring comes out of the bank on your right with a PVC pipe extending out to fill your water bottles.

83 (Bone Valley) is a large site, to accomodate horses. The site is shaded around the fringes and open in the middle where the horses are parked. Bone Valley Creek comes in on the upper side of the site and, for my money, it provides the best tent sites. A small knoll separates these sites from the horses. If there are any there, you might hear them, but you won't see them. Also, the horse campers tend to camp closer to their stock and may tend to party a little more. (Staying up more than an hour after sundown is my idea of a party when backpacking.) It's definitely not as pretty a site as 84, but provides ready access to fishing Bone Valley Creek as well as the upper reaches of Hazel. The water source is on the left side of the trail just before where Bone Valley crosses the trail. It's slightly off the trail, but well worn and you can't miss it.

82 (Calhoun) is a very nice looking site, although I've never actually stood on it. It's can be seen from the trail, but way down a hill. Looks as though it has room for 4 or 5 tents, all level and well shaded.

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