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Default Fished Forney last May

Welcome to the board. I fished Forney Creek last May. I posted a report on the Smoky Mountain Fishing Board under a thread entitled Forney Creek - Backcountry. I'll try to provide a link for that report:
I will point out that the trail goes away from the creek just above campsite #71 and returns to the creek just below #70. In between there it climbs a ridge but nothing real bad. We just did not have the fishing that I had hoped for. If I had it to do over again I would spend more time fishing lower, especially the water between #71 and #70. This is pretty remote country, and even though it sees quiet a bit of hikers and horseback riders the section that I am referring to between the campsites is away from the trail and definitely not a place where you would want to take a fall. I do not know that you can fish through it, but I would like to try it. Campsite #71 is a pretty site, but if you are there during the weekend there is a good chance that you will share it with horseback riders (nothing against horses just making the observation). Below #71 Forney is a pretty good size creek.
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