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BMC, it sounds like you are in for a great adventure. Just wondering about the canoe idea. Are you taking the canoes to cut down on the hiking into Forney, or just because it will make the adventure, more of an adventure?

If you are doing it for adventure-sake, I applaud you and read no further. But if you are investing 2hrs to paddle across the lake to save time, it may not be a good place to cut time out of. From the end of the "road to nowhere" to campsite 74, where you were paddling to, is "only" 2.9 miles. Depending on how fast you hike with a loaded pack, you could probably do it in around an hour, or so, with packs. The elevation changes are not too drastic (400' gain, then 700' drop). Depending on where you are coming from, it make take a bit more driving, as well. But you won't have to worry about stashing and lugging your canoe around, so that part may even be a wash, anyway.

But like I said, if you are doing it for the adventure...have at it. I'm trying to decide whether I should paddle over to Eagle or Hazel creek this spring, as well. I'm too cheap to pay the $50/person (3 of us) and am not sure about hiking 5.2 miles just to get to Eagle or 9.6 to Hazel is worth the effort, either. Paddling seems like a good option.

You should be able to paddle 3miles in less than 2 hrs if the winds are light, if you have a good cruising canoe and a good partner with you.

Keep us posted, I'm very interested in your experience, especially if you decide to paddle across to Forney. Not many folks on the board talk much about Forney. But it looks tempting...
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