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The "adventure" aspect is one of the things I'm looking forward to. I've never loaded up the canoe and paddled it to any backcountry camping destination. I'm not planning on it being a time saver-- I do think we can paddle it under 2 hours, just being conservative. I'm also thinking about the several miles that gear can be on the canoe, and not on my back. And how that would enable me to carry more gear than I normally would on a "regular" backpacking trip. And what kinda of streamer I will drag behind me as I paddle across...
The main reason we're looking at CS 71 is because we have a fairly large group and that is a reservable campsite. I've never been to Forney; but I've been told that all of the campsites from the mouth up to Jonas (I think) are heavily used-- mostly by horses. I would just feel better having a guaranteed place to sleep.
I do wish it was a few weeks later, when the fish aren't still so sluggish; but I'll take the breaks when I can get them. Should I concentrate on nymphing-- or at least use a dropper? Should the casting conditions be similar to Eagle Creek? I'm taking a 6'6" 4 Wt and a 7'9" 5 Wt, 1 reel and 2 spools.
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