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Originally Posted by old tom View Post

82 (Calhoun) is a very nice looking site, although I've never actually stood on it. It's can be seen from the trail, but way down a hill. Looks as though it has room for 4 or 5 tents, all level and well shaded.

What? We left our day packs in the campsite when we we fished way upstream in 2004. Yer memory's not so hot anymore, Pop.

To add to what old tom said, Sugar Fork is one of the nicest campsites I think I've used in the park. Here it is in 2004:

Hazel is running by off to the left/background in this picture. Sugar Fork is off to the right and you camp in a little wedge just upstream of the confluence, if I remember correctly. Here's the water supply. Same sort of thing up at Bone Valley.

Bone Valley CG is nice and the creek is much larger than Sugar Fork. After a thunderstorm:

Bone Valley CG. The creek is just on the other side of the tent and flows down a short ways into Hazel. The campground is a lot more open than Sugar Fork, probably due to the increased popularity.

But if you're going to hike in, why not man it up and come in from Clingman's Dome? I prefer fishing up above Calhoun anyway.
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