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Default Snowbird 2-3-08

I took someone over today, and as luck would have it the fish laughed at me. We fished from about 11:00 to 4:00 and had a big goose egg to show for it. It was a pretty, warm day though, (at least until the rain) and that is the biggest reason to be out, right?..... yea, of course it is! Apologies to you though Freeman! Another day. Water temp 38 degrees, water high. The rain gauge showed three inches since last weekend. Fished the standard eggs below stones. Should have tried the streamers, too lazy maybe, to rig it up. We did see a hatch and rising fish to little brown winter stones (14-16). No luck with brown Elk Hair caddis. Wishing I had tried a slow,short strip with an unweighted soft hackle, that might have turned the trick.
Hope others got out and enjoyed the day.
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