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Good books to read

Travers Corners
Return to Travers Corners
Travers Corners Final Chapter (All by Scott Waldie)
Big Indian Creek (Dave Hughes)
Trout from Small Streams (Dave Hughes)
Fly Fishing Small Streams (Gierach)
A Wisp in the Wind (Jerry Kustich)
Casting a Spell (George Black)
At the Rivers Edge (Jerry Kustich)
Royal Coachman (Paul Schullery)
Fly Fisherman's Blue Ridge (Chris Camuto)
Hunting from Home (Chris Camuto)

Backcountry fisherpeople will really like Big Indian Creek and Fly Fisherman's Blue Ridge.
Bamboo people will really like A Wisp in the Wind and Casting a Spell
Travers Corners is light reading about flyfishing with great characters and an interesting story line.
Hunting from home is really not about hunting but a book about a way of life in the outdoors by a fantastic author.
Flyfishing small streams is a very informative book written in Gierach style that translates well to the Smokies

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