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Yes, you are on to something. I don't want to sound that I don't value our resources and I would like to support TU and a lot of other venues with monetary support if I could. The problem is not to sacrifice some money for this one time. The problem for me and many others is that some counties have dramatically raised their tag fees and or added wheel taxes we didn't have before. The tags and tax in Knox County for an example went from $24 dollars to $60 overnight. I think $95 dollars a year for a specialty plate is too much. Call me stingy or whatever but with two or more vehicles to pay for and with gas going to $3.50 gal this summer as anticipated by most experts it's getting to be a drag. I fond my self limiting my fishing choices last year due to costs. I realize this is probably a good thing for the environment, but it is not a good thing for the economy nor the local fly shops I pass on my way to the river. Sorry for being negative but I don't see this plate thing happening for most Tennesseans who live in counties with horrendous wheel taxes.
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