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I understand your point, but the problem is that it is not a one time thing. In order to keep the plate it's $95 a year. I would like to have that kind of tag every year but I'm not willing to do it for that kind of cost. Sorry. It's not TU's fault but our wheel tax is too high in Knox County. I know I could easily look at it as a one time deal but I don't want to pay $95 dollars every year for tags. I put in sweat equity to TU and I'm going to do the same for FFF. I have driven several times to TU's Hiwassee clean up and the gas have cost close to the cost of the plate. The problem is that it is just not a voluntary thing for me to pay$95 for the tags. Tu is getting $17.50 of that. The rest I guess is going to all kinds of other baloney. I'm sorry for being grumpy about this but I'm not pretending to like this and everyone is entitled to their opinion, I'm sad to say I won't buy an overpriced tag. I will however continue to support TU and FFF with labor and not much money but at least I'm doing something.

Btw, Long time no see Rocky. Which river are you on nowadays?

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