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Hey Hans,

By no means was I trying to imply that your not doing anything to help. I, and everybody else who knows you also knows of your efforts.

The point I was making was not directed totally at you either.

I was just stating that for this first year, TU needs to sell 1000 plates. Once they reach that goal, all is good and TU can continue making money on tags well into the future no matter how many TU sells in the future.

For all of us that buy a tag this year, we can easy just buy a regular tag next year. Nothing would obligate us to buy another TU tag next year.

That's why I was saying that it can be looked at as a one time donation.

As for the fishing, I've been working the Hi, Holston, and Cumberland for the most part. Get a few days on the Clinch here and there.
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