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I was afraid that my post could be interpreted the wrong way. I didn't take your comment as a remark on what I do or don't do for different organizations. I was merely trying to make a point for all the people out there who feel everything is a money racket nowadays. I guess I didn't make it clear enough that I'm not offended by your post or anyone else's for that matter. What I did try to say is that I'm getting a little tired of all the costs and all the emphasis on funds from members. I'm not trying to stir anything up, but am I the only one who is tired of this. I would buy the plate if it was more reasonable. I guess I feel that TU and others need to understand that they can make some people tired with all this. One good example is the membership renewals. I have renewals coming up every year in May. I receive the first notice in December along with solicitations for money. I then receive at least three more of these letters. TU should be able to figure out that I will send in my check a couple of weeks in advance of my due dates. They can save the postage and paper/environment by only sending out one renewal form or better yet do it electronically. If I don't want to renew I won't. No amount of junk mail can change my mind. My point is, less is better sometimes.

Didn't mean to rant here and Rocky, I'm not better than anyone else. I just help out now and then, pay my regular dues to TU and FFF, and that will do for now. I'm hoping to get down to the HI early March. Hopefully the generators are cooperating.
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