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Default A Couple of Questions

Are you going to park a second car down at the Deep Creek frontcountry campground, or are you planning on hiking back up to Clingman's dome?

If you are planning on hiking back up, have you considered starting at the top of the Deep Creek Trail on US441 below Newfound Gap? It's shorter to Campsite #53 and has less elevation change.

I've fished the upper sections of Deep Creek down to campsite #53 and from what I have heard, most of the other campsites on Deep Creek are nicer than 53. I stopped there last September and it looked awfully rough and rundown. Others have had good things to say about it, but I'm planning a trip up Deep Creek this Spring, and I'm probably going to stay at 55, 56 or 57.

I think some other folks have stayed at some of the other sites along Deep Creek, as well, and may have a better recommendation for you.

You also might want to consider starting at the bottom and hiking up to CS 56, and then fishing up from would be about the same distance, but much less elevation change.
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