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Hans I think the sme as you do, with two kids in private school money is tight, TU is always sending me junk mail wanting more money. Right now my volenteer work has been mostly for the Knights of Columbus, 6 years as an officer and they want me to run for 4th degree office. In june I finaly step down as an trustee and I have decided to spend my volenteer time toward the FFF club. If I had a paycheck for the hundreds of hours with the KofC I would be a rich man. But my son is very intrested in the enviromentand I have a chance to teach him something that I realy care for. That being said what little money I do give mostly goes in some way to the park, other than money I give to my church, my wife has the GSMNP plate on her 03 Durango, I am doing the 4 year payment plan for lifetime member ship in the Great Smokey mountian Assn. and I did buy one of the TU Plates for my 96 Nissan PU. one thing to remember is that when you pick up your tag they prorate it for the next year. Last time I did this i recieved an extra 4-6 months on my tag. We all decide where our money goes for you it's not the plate and I respect that. But for me it's one of the ways I give.
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