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Well since Pete pulled up one of my old posts I feel obligated to chime in even though I have been MIA from the board due to duck and deer season. If you are pressed for time and worrying about making it down to 53 from the deep creek trailhead, dont worry about it because it is basically 99% downhill with very steep switch backs starting out. Once you start seeing deep creek you will notice a unmaintainded campsite that is off the trail a ways on the right, take notice of that campsite because that is a good spot to exit the creek if you are fishing upstream from campsite 53. I caught alot of fish and would love to go back.

Although the hike down was great, if you are pressed for time and tired from climbing over rocks all day in the creek, the walk back up to the top of the trailhead of deep creek almost killed me. It is staight up and seeing that I overpacked alittle, really took a toll on me.

I would be interested in going sometime with you. I went to campsite 27 this past weekend and really had a blast. I didnt get any fishing time due to the high winds on Sunday and my truck being blocked in at the trailhead above Tremont. I did get to give some volunteer work back to the NPS and helped the ranger push trees out of the way after he cut them up. My email address is if you want to shoot me some trip plans if you want any extra company.
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