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Thanks to all of you for your encouraging words. I believe interaction between us and you is good for relationships. The fishing report and the message board both work to that end. I enjoy the daily routine of writing that report. It is good way to start the day. For an hour I think about the Smokies, you, fly fishing and business. Writing that report every day has helped me understand how we fit in, where we are going, how you feel and think, and our position in the fly fishing market. It is mental exercise. And what is most important is for us to understand how you feel and think. It is also important for you to realize what our day is like and how it feels to be in our shoes.

And Gerry, you know I ain't leav'n.

Highpockets (great name and avatar) I ain't stop'n.

Thank you for your support and friendship. You are a great bunch of folks.


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