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Default Less Is More Mr. B....

Originally Posted by Byron Begley View Post

I also thought about taking some graphic design classes at our local Tech School. I'm almost 57 years old. I might not fit in. Or maybe I would. Anyway, thanks to you and all for your thoughts.

Byron, My degree is in Advertising and graphic design, which I finished at 42 years of age, in a traditional class setting. IT IS NEVER TOO LATE! Just Do It.

I would like to point out that one of the first and most important design principles you learn in that cirriculum is literally the "keep it simple" principle. Straightfoward communication is Key...all else is INTERFERANCE. The most amazing things happen in design start with learn begin adding everything to your work ad infinitum...only to realize you probably should have stopped a few minutes after you started. I once had an instructor who said, "It's important that you know everything I'm teaching you....but it's vitally important that you know when NOT to use it!"

You have done an amazing job with this sight...don't fix what's not broken.
This sight is easy to use, and view! (nice layout, pleasing esthetics, good complementary color scheme, with just the right amount of subdued contrast to to be less stressful to the eye.) You choice of background really helps to focus attention on the product images (the important part!) in the catalogue. They really jump!
I would also guess that maintainence is quite easy compared to other sites...In the year or so that I've been visiting the site, I've NEVER caught it down, and have never had a problem with it. You may be working at your Apple Core furiously every night to keep it running, but I venture to say that very few ever pay attention to the "Man (or Woman...hey Ms. Paula) Behind the green curtain. Think of it as a sort of website Fung Shuei..ohmmmmmmmmmm

Of course that's my opinion...I could be, and usually am ...wrong...just ask my wife!
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