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Stumpknocker, there is not really a "right" place to put the fly because the fish will be holding in different places on different days. However, fishing good holding water will up your chances dramatically. Look for any type of current seam between faster and slower water. The fish will wait right at the edge of fast water for a meal to come by. I usually present my fly upstream or up and across and allow it to drift back down to these likely holding spots. Look for areas of calm water surrounded by faster flow such as behind boulders in midstream or at the head of a pool where the faster water is coming in. Also remember that just because the surface water is flowing quickly doesn't mean that it is flowing fast all the way to the bottom. The rocks on the bottom will break up the flow and often the best place to fish nymphs is in the faster water right on the bottom... This time of year, the fish will often be found in slower water such as the slow deeper runs and big pools. As it warms up, don't overlook the really shallow water if it has a good flow. I'm surprised every year of the places I catch fish don't overlook certain parts of the stream just because they don't always produce...

For a great book that really explains how a trout stream is composed and where the fish are, check out Reading the Water by Dave Hughes...

Looks like I posted just after Hugh...sorry for the repetition... I might add, if you can afford it, spending a day with Hugh Hartsell who is an excellent guide would be the best way to figure out how to find trout in the park...
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