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I agree with Craig. For the life of me, I don't see the facination with the shorter rods. I fish a 9' 3wt or 4wt for 95% of my fishing in the Smokies. The smaller the stream, the easier it is to fish with a longer rod, in my opinion. Now, there are a couple of streams in the Park that are really, really tight, and then I will go down to a 6' 10" Scott 3wt. Other than that, I like the line control I get from a long rod. In fact, if a rod company would make a 10' 3wt or 4wt, medium or slow action, 4 piece rod, I would probably buy one. I would have a very hard time high sticking with a 7 1/2 foot rod and I do a fair amount of nymphing.
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