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places like roaring fork where fishing is tight makes a short rod relevent to the small pools and enclosed banks,I use a 4wt 7'6" Babb Cane rod with a perfectionist taper.Otherwise I use a 8ft 5wt David Redington cane rod,medium slow action---fast action rods are just not fun(graphites)--I think the Smokies gives us a chance to use all those technical rods,most are light weights(2-3-4 weights) most are short 6 to 7 ft--I say go for it,overkill seems to be the name of the game nowdays--I watched a guy from New York cast a 5-6ft cane rod on Little River--He layed dry fly's on the water so gentle the water did not seem surprised.The rod to use is the rod you like.
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