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Great stuff in the seams as already mentioned - and gotta pay attention to all those crazy mountain cross currents - you'll definatelly have fish in odd places and many times facing at you down stream as they rest in a seams and bubble lines and other areas where faster water rubs slower can hide fish....
something I always try to do though tough because I get impatient and excited to hit the water is to just stop at the waters edge and do nothing but be a consciencious observer....don't even rig your rod yet...just take a moment to absorb your self into the moment (no I'm not some quasi tree huggin new age hippie skippie - just love trout and the environs they live in) but really- you might spot some fish - see where they are hanging out - see how they are feeding and how they show themselves- are they feeding below,mid, or topwater.... pay attention to the currents to get to them, lay out a plan of approach on covering the stream...check streamside spiderwebs to see what bugs are there can help you choose a'd be suprised how much info you can get and apply as you work your way up stream to a rewarding first and many fish there after...
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