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Scott and Plunker,

Thank you for your comments. I owned a bunch of quick printing shops for 33 years before I found this line of work. We had an art department but I never learned to use the Macs until recently (past 10 years). I remember attending a printing conference in the early 80's when we got to see Apple's new box called a Macintosh. We all said at the time, nobody will accept this stuff as a substitute for typesetting. Boy, were we wrong. I started buying Macs right after that. This site is pretty easy to maintain only because we built it from scratch ourselves. Daniel and I both use Photoshop CS2 every day. I use Illustrator some as you can see. You will probably notice that we use a little flash. Our Online Catalog is designed and maintained using several software packages. We use Adobe Dreamweaver daily. Though I have had no training in design I have watched millions of pieces of paper run through a printing press. You learn by what you see. White space is beautiful. I mentioned a day or so ago that I look at websites all the time to get ideas. But, when I got into the fly shop business 14 years ago, I never thought that I would spend this much time sitting in front of a computer trying to improve our marketing effort and reaching people around the world. Things have certainly changed in our business. I look forward to meeting you next time you are in the store. Thanks for your comments and interest.

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