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Default Smallies

I completely agree with what Troutman said about the water temps vs. the stockers in relation to where smallies are found. The reason they would have a negative impact on the wild trout is of course because they share the same areas of the water. Smallies are such an aggressive and hardy species that I would find it hard to believe that stockers would really impact them that much. Of course there would be some food going to the stockers that the smallies would not get, but overall the temps would be the biggest reason for the lack of smallies in that area of the river. Same goes for the Tellico. I had a client catch a smallmouth at the bottom of Bald River Falls and I could not believe it. That is the farthest point that I have seen a smallmouth in over 25 years of fishing that area. And the reason is simple. The temps are just too low that high up most of the time (except for that little guy I guess!) Anyway, like TM said, I am not a biologist, but I have fished and guided for trout and smallmouth for years, and that is the only reason I can come up with for the lack of smallies in that area of the Holston.
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