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Thanks for the replies. I wonder if there is a dam somewhere in the surrouding area that has cold hypolimnetic discharges like the Clinch and Holston that we could use for comparison. The discharge at the top of Chilhowee Lake on the Little T. comes to mind, but it is more of a lake habitat than a flowing river. The discharge is usually around 55 degrees, sometimes a little colder, but there are plenty of bass and trout in this area, which brings up an interesting question. Is this because upper Chilhowee is not stocked as heavily as the Clinch and Holston, or is it because Chilhowee is a lake habitat, or is it simply that the Little T. is far more fertile than the Clinch and Holston? No telling. Can you guys think of any really cold tailwaters that aren't stocked with trout?
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