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Poked around some more on TWRA's site and found a little more info. Not very technical but it does basically say the cold water releases below specific TVA Dams impact the natural species to the river systems.
The reason for the stocking.

and another list of the affected dams in region 4
I'm sure they have numerous studies.
Maybe you could talk to Roy Hawk, at one of the LRCTU meetings. He is pictured holding that nice fat bow.

I was also trying to think of places that have some cold water discharges and still have cold and warm water species. The only place that comes to mind is the Powerhouse at the TN/NC stateline at exit 451 on I-40. I have caught trout, smallmouth and gills below the powerhouse and the water discharged is pretty cold. I think the trout come in from Big creek which is stocked outside the park and possibly from the creek that follows upstream along I-40 to the dam.
This may not be a good comparision to the TVA cold release dams though.
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