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Mntman, Yea, the d50 is an SLR. I haven't yet even begun to use it to its full capacity. I normally just set the thing to auto and go at it. I'm pretty rough with my equipment and the thing still works after a year, so I think it can withstand quite a bit of abuse. I take it on all my hunting trips and its been dropped once, sat on multiple times, and has even gotten damp once (not soaking wet, just damp). Just make sure you get a polarizing lens cap to put on the lens, that has been broke, but saved the lens. My next camera (hopefully before next deer season) is going to be a Panasonic FZ18. It's a point and shoot, 8.1 megapixels, 28mm wide angle lens, 18x optical zoom, and quiet as a mouse. The Nikon shutter on the slr camera is just too loud for taking pictures of animals that are close enough to see their breath.

ACinEastTN, nice looking dog. I wanted to give my dog a cool name like Wrigley or Smedley, but my wife would have none of it. We settled on Lucy, as in Charley Brown's sister. After we had her for 2 weeks, Lucy started to fit her personality. Lucy, short for Lucifer. She ate the coffee table, a cell phone, my glasses, and everything else she could get in her mouth.
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