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Yea, a fish is a fish is a fish! Heck yea, smallies, bluegills, stripe, bring what cha got! It's all good, and I'll spend hours just gazing at the computer screen!

Should we be specific on tackle....Spin or just fly? consensus here?! Any of it's good to me!

Of course, Being the joker I am I posted that at the last day of febuary so the official count/tally should probably start off in March..That gives everone ample time to post there pics! I didn't relize what I was doing at the time and wasn't concerned about the date just wanted to get some good pics up some fish on this new playground photography thread!

I'll be starting a new thread tomarrow for March!

Till then tight lines! Everyong needs to get on here and post your opinion on spin gear included or just on the fly!

I vote it all goes! The challenge is just to really see just how many hard core fisherman we have out there. Fishing in the coldest months, and in the craziest locations, during the craziest storms. Share your fish of the month and give everyone a little story with it! Nothing's wrong with a little scoreboard competition either, it won't really mean anything and everyone will be itching to get the biggest or prettiest fish up!
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