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Well to be honest i'm not really looking, it's more of a want. Right now, i'm trying to get a house so spending that kind of money on a camera isn't really feasible at the moment, although i'm sure i could squeeze it in somehow.

If i were to get one, though, i think it would be a digital slr. I have casually looked at some over the past couple months and found the nikon d60 that i really like, i imagine it's pretty similar to yours. Like i said, i just can't really fathom spending that kind of money (camera + lens + accesories) right now. It is definitely on my lust list, though. They are so neat you can do so many things with them. I will keep an eye out and if i find a good deal i may have to jump on it but for right now i will probably just sit on the sidelines and enjoy all of y'alls pictures.

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