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If your friends would like a trip that's more "view" oriented and less fishing oriented (but with fishing possibilities), I strongly reccomend the following trip:

Out of Big Creek CG: Hike the Big Creek Trail 5 miles to Walnut Bottoms, #37 (can fish Big Creek along the way and at the camp), next morning fish and hike your way up Shallow Fork 4 miles (this is a pretty steep pull) to the Mt Sterling Ridge Trail and head north 1.5 miles to the Mount Sterling site (#37). This is one of the highest backcountry sites in the Park, you'll be over 5,000 ft up in the Spruce/Fir forest and there's a fire tower at the site that you can climb to watch sunrise/sunset. Absolutely Amazing. Third morning, hike 6 miles down Baxter Creek to your car. This is a challenging trip with over 4,000 ft of climbing on the first 2 days, but I think it's the most scenic and 3 night loop in the park.
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