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Originally Posted by gg1262 View Post
Okay, first and foremost, "Good on ya' Miss Paula. " The photography forum is cool, if for no other reason than some good "Fish ****" as they say. That being said, I would like to contribute. The problem, outside of catching quality fish, is I have trouble taking a good picture when I do land a nice one. I find that a lot of my pictures end up looking washed out, especially rainbows. Does anyone have any tips for taking a quality streamside picture of fish. I use a simple little Kodak point and shoot digital. No optical zoom, I think it takes 2 Meg pictures. I'm just looking for pics that will look good as wallpaper on my laptop!! Thanks in advance for any advice!

It depends on your camera. Check the owners manual and see if it has a spot metering capability. Typically, the fish is much lighter color and more reflective than its background. Tha camera light meter averages out for the scend and if the fish is a very small part of the whole, then it'll be washed out.

If you don't have a spot meter, make sure the fish fills up the largest part of the center of the frame (move in closer, hold the fish farther away from your body, etc.) to make the fish fill up more of the frame.

Of course, the method I prefer to have the fish fill up more of the frame is to simply catch larger fish.

Two prime examples of the kind of larger fish I'm talking about are below. You have to remember that men in my family all have freakishly large hands so the fish are actually bigger than they may at first appear.

(I also have some ocean front property right in the heart of the GSMP for sale if you're interested...


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