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Exclamation Paula!

If this thing takes off can we see about making the ground rules a sticky? Let's work the kinks out first before we do...If this month goes well and the participation is there I'll ask again. That way the rules are always up top and are locked making them uncapable of change. If you can think of anything to make this better or easier let me know!

Also guys, the tallying won't begin until the following day of the end of that particular month! In other words, the tallying will begin until the end of March 08' at midnight. Since I didn't realize I posted so late in the month of Febuary, this will give everyone ample time to get a true month of fishing in to post thier catch. We will make things fair so that everyone starts with a nice clean one month slate! Going back to the rules. The tallying will begin the day after. So on March 31st, 2008 at midnight all of the post's should be in to get your tally mark! I will try and get the tallies up the following day, or in other words on April 1st, 2008 and keep it going the exact same way month after month!

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