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Sweet photo's guys, I think this will be fun as heck! It'll keep those desk jockey's happy while they work, while we spend it fishing!

I didn't realize how late in the month I had posted this. Like I've already said, I saw this Photography section of the board and got as excited as a kid a xmas. New playground! So since the late post, I laid out some ground rules for the challenge which is posted in March 08's One fish per month challnege! This way, it makes it fair, and gives everyone the whole month to post thier catch. In other words, this month won't count towards the tally system, it would be unfair as some people only get on here every couple of days!

Everyone's participation is awesome and I think this thing will be a good addition to the thread! We will have fun, while being jealous of someone else's fortunate day on the water, while spaking up a little clean fun to see who has what it takes to keep a streak going!

Awesome fish again guys!

Check out March 08, post your pic for that month, let's get this thing started right!

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