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Hey buckeye. The old thread you're probably refering to was one I had posted after reading one of Byrons fishing reports in which reference to opening day of trout season and the experieces of being in towns like Roscoe. There wherer a couple of people interested including yourself. Honestly, I'd thought that type of thing would have gotten a little stronger response but people are all different. I suppose some folks probably don't camp as much as they fish. Actually I wonder if people in general camp as much as in times since gone? Then theres the whole meeting & dealing with folks you've not realy met except on the net which some may think is rolling dice on a good fishing trip & honestly that may not be unfounded. Speaking from experience I've gone first time fishing with guys and had a blast & I've taken some fellas with me & they ruined the day with winning about not catching 20 fish or they just moaned and groaned in general. Fishing buddies are usually selected out carefully & alot of guys will not camp/fish with anybody else once those circles are formed. Personally, I'm type of person that will take a chance on any one once; so I'd be up for something myself! Would be willing to help get camp site or set a date but the problem is trying to reserve something and not knowing how many folks might or might not show.

Get outdoors & have fun!
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