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I don't know--Walter said he knew a great 8wt taper--This all started when I hooked a 9lb brown while wading the cumberland---was using a tandem rig -prince nymph--weight--prince nymph as dropper--a Humphries rig--the nymphs were #14's---5X tippett---4wt bamboo rod(One of Walter's)-casted above a seam--drifted into the seam--the line stopped--the brown then ran like the devil---My rig was too light---in just a second or two the fish was into the backing--I tried to lift the rod tip---found the rod tip on a plane with my eyes--the strands in the bamboo began to whine--i let off-the fish went under a guys boat in the middle of the river--i think my tippett hit the prop of the boat motor-it broke---the guy in the boat saw the fish --said it was a 9lb'ish brown--a classic case of being unprepared--told the story to Babb---said he knew a top taper for an 8 1/2ft 8wt--perfect for the Cumberland river---full wells grip--and he said it was not clubby--so maybe it is hollow--this was a long answer,that does not really answer your question,but when you lose a fish like that,and it is your own fault,then you have one of two choices--purge the experience on the Forum or stick needles in your eyes--
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