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The Black Beauties were popular because of the unusual finish. I think they struck a chord with some people. They're not a bad rod, but because of the name and the cosmetics they do sell well.

In any series of production rods the shorter rods will tend to sell quicker and at a better price, all things being equal, because there were relatively fewer of them made.

THE STANDARD bamboo rod in the old days was a 9 ft HDH, then a 9ft HCH, and then came the 8'6" rods. Well down the sales curve came the shorter lighter rods. In many cases they were the "nitch" for some of the smaller "local" makers. A particular favorite in the Catskills was an 8ft, 3pc, HEH size rod. These were used, in large part, by the local "experts" and when found today are generally fished to death. I've got a couple and they are just great for the GSMNP streams.

What you guys would call heavy 6wt and 7wt rods were VERY common in the old days and they were popular due to the fact that they would handle about anything around.... remember; Grandpa had one... maybe 2 on the outside... cane rods. Folks then just didn't have the disposable income around that we do today.

This will be a topic at the Bamboo Bash in Townsend.


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