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Default Pogo

I tied mine pretty much the way he shows in the video.

Hook: TMC 101 #14, #16 (caught mine yesterday on #16)
Thread: Danville 6/0 black
Body: Superfine Mahogany dubbing
Wing case: Black foam
Thorax: Superfine Mahogany dubbing (heavier)
Tail: Two pieces of Crystal Flash

I varied my presentation somewhat and switched around some during the afternoon, but all were caught using the same setup. I added about 3' of 7x Seaguar tippet to my leader, tied on 14 Doc's Cork, dropped a Pogo about 18" off the bend of the Doc's Cork. I then added some small split shot about 8" - 10" above the Pogo.

I tried a variety of dries for an indicator and I tried a variety of dries alone, including Quill Gordons and some tiny Blue Quills. The wind may this a little difficult at times but I had no surface hits all afternoon. It seems they only wanted the Pogo.

Again, I should point out that I was fishing some pretty fast water. That's why I'm thinking about adding a tiny gold wire rib to give it a bit of flash. This thing, when it's tied right, presents a nice profile - especially when you pick out some of the thorax dubbing to resemble legs.

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