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Default Water Temps

Hello Indianafly,

I haven't fished Bone Valley, I hope to sometime in May if a backcountry trip to Hazel Creek goes as planned. The key to successful fishing right now is water temperature, most people agree that the action doesn't begin to heat up until the water temp. reaches at least 50 degrees F for at least several days. When this happens the first spring hatches begin, Blue Quills, and Quill Gordons. I could be wrong, but I don't think that a headwater stream like Bone Valley will reach 50 degrees by the time of your trip. I would focus on the lower elevations streams on your visit, for example; Abrams Creek, the lower stretches of the Little River all the way up to the Elkmont campground, the Middle Prong of the Little River. I would keep track of fishing reports on the board and read Byron's Fishing Report every day before you arrive to get an idea whats happening with the water temps and any spring hatches that may be occurring. Hope this helps.

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