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Glad to see someone else is as dumb.....errr i mean adventurous enough to make a trip to ravens fork as i did. I came in via the enloe creek trail on straight fork, though, so take my advice with a grain of salt. I have only been on chasteen creek trail once for a very short distance, right at bradleys fork. It is relatively easy at this elevation but by looking at the maps it appears to get quite a bit more difficult. Another important thing to remember is that this 6 mile hike will take quite a bit longer than most due to the fact that it is so steep. Again, different trail, but when we made the short 3 mile hike from straight creek it took us about 2 1/2 hours. In comparison, on our trip to bryson's place on deep creek, about a 6.1 mile hike i believe, it took us about that long on the way up and just over 2 hours on the way back.

Have you ever been to ravens fork? One thing that is important to know is that that area is probably one of the most rugged in the park, that's why it was spared from the logging. You made no mention of anyone else and i can't recommend that you fish this river alone, it quite simply just offers too many opportunities to get hurt. I went late last year during the drought and the water was extremely low, as one could expect, but the river had some treacherous spots and some that were impassable. This river appears to be able to hold a large amount of water and i'm not sure that the river would be downright dangerous during normal water conditions, let alone when the water is high.

Not to try and dissuade you from going there, because i think you would love it. It's an absolutely gorgeous area and one of the few areas of the park that have been untouched by man. We caught good numbers of fish when we went, although i think we could have done better had the water not been quite so low. It is definitely a trip that you would enjoy, it's just one that proper precautions need to be taken. Here's a link to the report i posted last year:

Let us know how you do if you go. As long as you're safe i don't think you'll be disappointed in the trip. Hope this helped.

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