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For what it's worth. I have heard from a handful of local fishermen who has fished these mountains for many years that Yes! Hazel is good but not necessarily any better than say Deep Creek, Abrams, Little River etc. It has the potential as well as the others. It is probably the most legendary stream and also one of the most publicized streams. It is "toted" as the ultimate back country trip. I would like to do it as much for the scenery as the history of the area. I'm hoping to be there mid May. I also feel that the stream would have enough room for all of us. The only problem would be if a huge group from an organization or business are there at the same time as you. We all know that any time we go to the park it will be somewhat a shared experience, unless you do the less publicized streams.

Can't wait until May and yes I do agree with Neal. The water temps are not favorable yet. It might be alright on Lower Little River but as soon as you hit a somewhat higher elevation you will see lower temps. This upcoming weekend is calling for lows in the 20's again. Not good in my opinion.
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