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Default Water temps

Bone Valley, I have camped where Bone Valley joins Hazel, never fished very far up BV because Hazel is so pretty and much larger. I would bet the water will be a little cold this early, you might check to see if there has been snow within the last week in the high country, if so the stream could be in the 30's and real slow. I don't worry about the water hitting 50 degrees though, 40 really seems to turn them off in the Smokys but 45 is usually pretty good, particularly if you get some sun on the water. Take some parachute Adams, Quill Gordons, BWO's if you go. Hazel is beautiful, I have been up there five times but it has been too long, probably 6 or 7 years. The last time I went was late April and we hit the same weekend as the Atlanta TU'ers were up there. 40 plus people, a real downer. Caught some fish all the same until a gulley washer came through and muddied the stream. Take some beatles, they may save the day if the rain comes, fish them right against the bank. I don't think I have ever cleaned a fish from Hazel that didn't have a beatle in it, and usually a large one.
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