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Thanks so much for the information, guys. Six miles on a very steep trail is probably too much for me to do in a day trip. So, I might try the headwaters of Bradley instead. I have always wanted to fish Gulf Prong.

Craig, I have fished Raven's Fork three times before. I have had good fishing there, but never great. The reasons I return are exactly the same reasons as you described. It is a wild, rugged wilderness area. My prior three excursions I came in from Hyatt Ridge trail and it is a trail that will test your endurance. And, I know what you mean by the water level. I was there one time and the water was slightly high and that was scary. It is almost frighteneing to know the water moved those huge boulders in the stream bed!

Fortunately, I never received any injuries before there and I don't intend to travel alone. In the past, my biggest concern was those pesky mice that tried to get in my tent and in my pack. Hopefully, I will get up there again one day. Oh, thanks so much for the link and your trip report!
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