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Default Canon Rebels


When you go to get a camera you have to ask what you want to do with it. If you mainly need it to record your catch and take pics of pretty places then a point and shoot might be the way to go. They are smaller, easier to carry, and you can even get ones that are waterproof.
A SLR camera is going to give you tons more control over the photos and the ability to have different lenses. The only drawbacks are, price (more expensive) and size. You definitely have to be more careful not to fall in when you are carrying an SLR. Unless you get the really pricey pro models they aren't going to fair well by being dunked.

If you decide to go with a SLR, I've had great success with the Canon Rebel bodies. I've got several 35mm bodies and now have a Rebel Xti digital. The digital has 10.1 mega pixels which will do everything you could want. I've had almost no problems with my Canons. If you get an outfit I would get the Canon brand lenses.

Canon is about to release a new model of Rebel, the Xsi. It is going to be over 12 mega pixels but it is also supposed to be around $800. What I'm hoping is that this is going to cause a price cut on the older Xti so I can get a 2nd body.

Just my thoughts. Think about what you want to do with the camera and if convenience or features are more important.

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