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I'm not sure I'd make another trip to Hazel... if I couldn't fish Bone Valley. It's just purty. My avitar is a picture of the cabin at the end of the trail.

One additional point other than those already made - it is a small stream and the trail only follows the stream for a mile. If you're not out early, you could find yourself fishing behind someone.

Back to indianafly's original post - IMHO next week is too early. Byron's reporting a water temp of 45 on Little River. I fished Deep Creek on the NC side on Monday and it measured mid-40's also. I would consider this to be a major trip and I don't think I'd invest in a $50 boat ride plus a 5 mile hike (or a really long hike) for what may be a marginal return. BV's only about 500 more feet in elevation, but that may be just enough to make a difference.

Maker's Mark and Bone Valley branch - mmmm... good. Ice cream at Calhoun - that's just wrong!

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