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The way old timers talk, the Little T was the place to be before '76. I know its not like it used to be, but it is still a blast to fish. I love fishing for trout and bass in Chilhowee and upper Tellico. Calderwood also has lots of trout. Im like you, jswitow, the stripers in Tellico definitely suprised me. I had heard people say they caught them below Chilhowee dam, but I thought they pulling my leg. Then I caught one next to the historic Fort Loudoun in Vonore and couldn't believe it! (I was bass fishing and thought i had the world record) But the more I thought about it, if they are below Cherokee and Douglas dams, they could (theoretically) swim all the way to Chilhowee dam because Ft Loudoun and Tellico are connected by canal. That seems farfetched, but stripers are a migratory saltwater fish, so 40-50 river miles probaly is like a daily workout to them.
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